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Hi I am Eddie

This trip was my idea, but the rest of the crew fell in behind quite quickly. Some people think we are mad, but I think it will be a holiday of a lifetime.

I am an engineer here in Ireland and I run a consultancy practice. With the construction industry booming we are exceptionally busy, but I am still determined to proceed with the trip. If you want to check out my practice you will find it on

I can be contacted on

Jan 2007 - Well we got back & the office is still running ( shock I am not indispensible). I have finally uploaded the photos for USA 2006 so have a look at them & let us know what you think in the guest book.

It is a new year so where will we go this year. The dates are set. We are off to Europe at the end of June and will get back early August! More about 2007's trip in the tour.

Bye for now!

Eddie - Aileen - $helly - Dave - Christine - Photos

Phelans on tour......,

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