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I'm Michelle but as you can see my nickname is $helly (wit a dollar sign!) =) I've got longish, brown hair and blue eyes. I'm really sporty and I love dancing! My friends describe me as mad, crazy, always smiling and willing to try almost anything! I'm really excited about this trip as is everbody in the family but i've been the one mainly in charge of setting up this website. I'll be updating this website hopefully every day but it could be every 2nd or 3rd day. You can be expecting loads of great pics!

P.S. A massive 'HIA!' to Claire, Shannan, Jessie M., Dean, Danni, Ross, Jessica S., Becca, Síle and Hannah! (Phew!) I'll Keep you posted!


P.P.S.! My friends can e-mail me on

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Phelans on tour......,

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