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USA 2006
We're all very excited about this trip and have all helped out in our own little ways to get this holiday planned!

We've set our route changed it, changed back and altered it about a hundred times but i think that we've finally settled to a route which keeps us all happy! (until we get going and start to change it again)

Now onto the next thing! So far I'd guess we've spent a good 200hrs(plus!) all pouring over the computer looking, fantasising and debating over which A Class camper should we buy! What colour, what interior, leather or fabric? 38ft or 39ft or maybe 40?

Two vehicles seem to be in the running at the moment the 2004 Pace Arrow by Fleetwood looks great and has a fantastic floorplan but we might be able to push our finances to buy a diesel pusher. The Providence appears to be an excellent coach and has the refinement of the Freightliner Chassis. At this stage I am so confused with all the variations that I do not know which side is up!

Have you owned an A Class before? Do you have any tips or recommendations? If so please leave a message in the guestbook we'd be very grateful for any help to make our dream holiday even better!

The tow vehicle we intend getting is a Jeep Wrangler and I expect to pick up a 1998-2001 model soft top with 2.5L engine ( red would be the cherry on the cake!) but as with everything there is a hitch. The Wrangler only has two belts in the back so I have to either dump one of the kids (only Joking) or get an extra belt fitted. I am still trying to find out if this is possible.

As we are now in the middle of the finer details it is getting quite exciting and terrifying.

The flights have been booked. We are flying to Miami on the 14 June (Via London) and returning to Dublin on 25 August from New York (Via London).

I do not know yet if we can buy over the internet without seeing the coach. It is a lot of money to spend on something you have not even sat into.

If we decide on a coach far from Miami I may have to fly over a week or two early to drive it down to our start point.

Update 15/05/06 The Coach is bought!! We went a little mad and decided on a new Pace arrow 37C from Lazy days. We are now looking at the Jeep and accessories. Photos of the coach are in the photos section.

Update 20/05/06
We have bought the Jeep. It is a 1998 Wrangler from xtreme Jeep of florida. It looks good.

Now the fine detail.. We fly into Miami, Pick up the Jeep in Tampa and the RV at Lazydays on the I4. How will we manage that with jet lag and still stay sane?

Update January 2006 - Picked up both vehicles and all went well. Had our USA Tour and are now back in Ireland (Brought both vehicles home with us They certinally turn the heads on the back roads out of banagher!!

Had to do some modifications Additional side lights on the Jeep & A 110-220 Transfromer on the RV. I need to upgrade the satillite dish for european use but it looks like I might be able to get the mapping for the GPS system.

We are touring Europe this year, Land bridge across the UK but we should not have to carry out any further mods to the rig.
Phelans on tour......,

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